Company Profile

Zepp is a cloud-based healthcare services provider with world-leading smart wearable technology. Since its inception in 2013, Zepp has quickly established its global leadership and recognition in the smart wearable industry by shipping millions of smart wearable devices. In 2019, Zepp shipped 42.3 million smart wearable devices. Leveraging its powerful AI algorithm capabilities along with the massive data analysis, Zepp provides 24x7 health monitoring services to millions of its product users. Zepp seamlessly integrate smart wearable technology into the extensive application senarios of the IoT ecosystem worldwide, creating a smarter and more convenient lifestyle for its users.

To use the brand, “Amazfit,” Zepp’s smart devices mainly include smart bands, smart watches and smart scales. Zepp obtained the China National Medical Products Administration Class II medical device approval for our ECG health band products in April 2018. Zepp is also expanding into new smart device categories. In early 2020, Zepp unveiled four new products spanning three verticals that go beyond smart bands and watches: Amazfit Home Studio, a smart gym hub; Amazfit AirRun, a foldable next-generation treadmill; Amazfit PowerBuds, true wireless stereo fitness earphones with Clip-to-Go design; and Amazfit ZenBuds, sleep-comfort and health monitoring earphones.

Zepp owns a large biometric and activity database in the global smart wearables industry. Zepp’s mobile apps, Mi Fit and Amazfit, work hand in hand with its smart wearable devices and provide users with a comprehensive view and analysis of their biometric and activity data. As of December 31, 2017, Zepp mobile apps had 56.1 million registered users, from whom Zepp collects multi-dimensioned user data including heart rate, electrocardiograph, weight, body fat compositions, GPS running track, steps, sleeping duration, etc. With a wide range of biometric and activity data from a large number of users, Zepp is well-positioned to develop new application scenarios for smart wearable technology and drive innovation.

Zepp has been the most-preferred partner of Xiaomi, a leading mobile Internet company and global consumer electronics brand, to design and manufacture “Xiaomi Wearable Products," which include Xiaomi-branded smart bands, watches (excluding children watches and quartz watches), scales and associated accessories. The strategic cooperation agreement with Xiaomi grants Zepp the most-preferred-partner status globally to develop future Xiaomi Wearable Products and provides Zepp with significant demand that drives fast roll-out of new products and ramp-up in business. Meanwhile, Zepp’s strong research and development capabilities and innovative products enrich Xiaomi’s suite of offerings and enhance Xiaomi’s user loyalty, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship between Zepp and Xiaomi. In addition to Xiaomi Wearable Products, Zepp leverages Xiaomi’s established distribution network and global presence to promote smart bands and watches under its own brand, Amazfit.